The key to finding good surfboard repair by DingDrx.

With so many options out there it's hard to really know who your best choice is for dealing with all your surfboard repair needs. We all know that guy who lives down the street and can do your repairs for that super cheap bro deal and for some of you that might be a great option but more then likely you're gonna get exactly what you payed for when it comes to the quality, not to mention the service. Boards are not cheap and it is worth a little extra effort to make sure you find your guy. So here's some helpful advice for all of you who aren't lucky enough to have us as an option. First off, if the place your taking your board to won't show you where the boards are actually repaired then let that serve as a giant red flag, check that one off the list and politely leave. Anyone who's worth their pay will gladly show you where your surfboard repair will be taking place. If they don't feel comfortable sharing that with you then there is probably a good reason. Don't be fooled by store fronts, cool stickered vehicles and google rankings because none of that will have any effect on the quality of your repair and the service you experience. Now once you get that all taken care of your best options will become very easy and obvious to see. The key ingredient to a good ding repair shop is organization. I know from experience that when you're constantly wasting time looking here and there for this tool and that tool you are left with little to no time in the end to focus on quality OR service. When things are neat and conveniently located for an easy transition from one step to another then suddenly time becomes your friend and you can really focus on doing good quality work. There is no way i could handle my current work load with the same set up i see in most shops and i could't even imagine trying. Why someone would want to walk ten feet every single time they need to grab their shears when you can easily strap them to your waist is beyond me. This is something you can apply to everything in life actually. Every step and every second that you can save will ultimately add up to more time for you, and we all know there's not a whole lot of that stuff to go around. Here are a few pictures to help show you guys what an efficient shop looks like so you can do a little comparison of your own. I'm constantly upgrading and coming up with new ways to do better repairs in less time and provide better service all at the same time. Hope you found this advice helpful. Now go out and find the best option for your surfboard repairs so you can surf with more confidence knowing you've got some good back up for your board. Thanks and we'll see you soon.

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