About DingDrx.

   Thank you for checking out the Ding Doctor website. We specialize in repairing and painting surfboards and paddle boards of all different types and sizes here in San Clemente. We are a service based company with over twenty years of experience working with resins and board manufacturing materials. We have an extensive reputation for our artistic contributions within the local surfing community. We work with epoxy, polyester, carbon fiber, paddle boards paddles and more. We can repair everything from Fire Wires to Costco pop outs and everything in between. We do logo matching, color matching and pin stripe matching as standard procedure on all repairs. There is a lot of technical skills needed to make sure a repair is structurally sound, long lasting, good looking and finished in a timely manner. There are also even more ways to completely ruin your entire board by using poor techniques and not having the creative skills required, especially if it is an epoxy surfboard or paddle board. So be smart about where you decide to bring your boards. If you're anywhere in the Orange County area then we're worth making the drive. We're right off the 5 freeway southboud just a few exists before going to Trestles, Old Mans, San Onofre, Churches, State Park and some of your other favorite surfing spots. We have great prices, awesome service and a turn around time that compeditors can not compete with whatsoever. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or click on the CONTACTS pill above to see your other options. Thanks again for checkin us out, enjoy your stay and be sure to check out the art gallery.